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20120315 – Zero labs update – New segment

Segment #1:  This week in free energy

Presenter:  Sterling Allan, CEO, founder of New Energy Congress
Estimated Time:  20 minutes

Segment #2:  Scarecrow’s News Rant – Something a little different

Presenter:  SmartScarecrow & VizFact.TheDude
Estimated Time:  20 minutes

Thought it was time to get another point of view.  So this week we will have a news segment featuring SmartScarecrow and VizFact.TheDude discussing trends and hot news items of the past week.  Be warned, sparks may fly and there may be some adult language.

To learn more about VizFact, visit the web site below …

The VizFact Dot Com Network

The Network is rich with content and hopefully there is something on the network you can use for your own benefit, education, or entertainment.

Segment #3: Feature Presentation – An update from Zero Labs

Presenter:  ZeroFossilFuel
Estimated time:  30 minutes

I did not have a regularly scheduled guest for the evening so ZeroFossilFuel bailed me out and agreed to step in and give us an update on the many projects he has been working on recently.

Check on ZeroFossilFuel’s projects at or his YouTube Channel

When Zero is in the lab, he often broadcasts live so you can look over his shoulder at

Segment #4: Audience Q&A Session

Moderator:  SmartScarecrow
Estimated time:  10 minutes


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