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20120119 – Rossi interview follow up discussion – Call in

Segment #1:  This week in free energy

Presenter:  Sterling Allan, CEO, founder of New Energy Congress
Estimated Time:  20 minutes

Segment #2:  Scarecrow’s News Rant – Fuzzy bunnies, cute puppies, SOPA and PIPA

Presenter:  an editorial by SmartScarecrow
Estimated time:  15 minutes

In the economy, Kodak has filed for bankruptcy.  Kodak missed the opportunity to exploit the digital revolution and its technology became obsolete.  I remember getting a Kodak camera for Christmas one year.  I remember standing in line to buy film, waiting a week for the film to be processed then trying to remember why I took those pictures in the first place.  But, Kodak will be missed.  The jobs will be missed. But in a free market where people vote with their dollars, that is what happens.  Come up with a good product that people want to buy and do well.  But you have to keep looking over your shoulder to make sure the next bright young fellow don’t come up with something better that will knock you off your thrown.

Anyway, that is how a FREE MARKET is supposed to work.  In the economic system we live under today, it is possible to influence law makers to provide special protection if you understand how to play the game.  Take for example the insurance companies.  As the economy has slowed down, fewer employers find it necessary to provide health insurance as a benefit to attract employees so they dont.  Individuals shopping for health insurance are shocked at the prices.  The net result is that many today, for any number of reasons, do not carry health insurance.

The Health Insurance Industry is well connected.  They have many lobbying groups representing their interests to both federal and state government.  They spend a lot of money to convince our elected officials that their product, more than any other, is in the national interest.  So we end up with “Obama Care” which has provisions in it that mandate individuals to buy health insurance whether they want it or not!  So much for a free market.

Another group that knows how to play the game is the entertainment industry.  Some would propose that they are actually part of the game.  Revenues are falling for Hollywood and the big radio and television networks.  The consumer is voting with their dollars as is the free market way. 

Considering the quality of the content provided, its amusing that anyone would be surprised that people are avoiding it.  The “formula” top 40 music, the “formula” movies with nothing more than a few “big name draws”, the television news that all sounds the same regardless of who is on.  It’s a wasteland and even worse, its a waste of time and money. 

Ah, but the entertainment industry is well connected!  They have friends in high places.  Geee, if only we got our bought and paid for politicians to pass a law favorable to our interests!  That would force those entertainment hungry sheep back into the theaters to watch out crappy movies and into the record stores to by our vinyl records of crappy music.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

And so we consider SOPA and its sibling PIPA in the senate.  These laws could and probably will kill the Internet as we know it.  Something that would have been considered “fair use” under existing copyright law, will now technically be illegal.  Even worse, the operator of an Internet site is put in the position of being the “enforcer” which will be a cost most will be unable to bear.  Something as benign as the pre-show music videos played out leading up to The SmartScarecrow Show will be a tempting target under the new laws if enacted.

Yesterday, January 18th 2012, many of the most popular Internet sites protested these laws by blacking out their sites.  Under the current system, what they probably should have done is had their lobbyists spread liberal amounts of money around Washington DC to make sure the message was heard loud and clear.  When “money junkies” are in charge, they seem to ignore any other argument regardless of how valid.

Now to top it all off, the Supreme Court has handed down a decision that Congress can “re-copyright” materials in the public domain.  The top court was ruling on a petition by a group of orchestra conductors, educators, performers, publishers and film archivists who urged the justices to reverse an appellate court that ruled against the group, which has relied on artistic works in the public domain for their livelihoods.

They claimed that re-copyrighting public works would breach the speech rights of those who are now using those works without needing a license. There are millions of decades-old works at issue. Some of the well-known ones include H.G. Wells’ Things to Come; Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and the musical compositions of Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky.

The court, however, was sympathetic to the plaintiffs’ argument. Writing for the majority, Justice Ruth Ginsburg said “some restriction on expression is the inherent and intended effect of every grant of copyright.” But the top court, with Justice Elena Kagan recused, said Congress’ move to re-copyright the works to comport with an international treaty was more important.

<  see the full article at –  >

So maybe if Kodak had understood the current rules of the game, there would be a law against digital cameras, digital media and another that mandated every American should purchase a Brownie and at least 10 rolls of film every month!  Poor Kodak!  They let a simple thing like products that were obsolete get in the way of their continued success!

Segment #3: Feature Presentation – How do you follow up an interview with Andrea Rossi?

Presenter:  SmartScarecrow and random Skype call ins
Estimated time:  30 minutes

Had a fellow all lined up to do my show on January 26th.  Seemed like a nice fellow who had a pretty interesting gadget that lit up a bunch of LED’s powered by a hamster running on a wheel.  Hey, when you are producing an alternative energy show and need experimenters who are willing to show off thier projects to keep your audience happy, you sometimes take what you can get!  In any case, after seeing Andrea Rossi interviewed on The SmartScarecrow show, this fellow calls me up and tells me, “No way I am going to follow Andrea Rossi on your show … maybe in a month or two!”.

hmmmm ….

First of all, that paragraph above was intended as a joke!  There is no guy with a hamster wheel out there lighting LED’s … at least I don’t think so.  If there is, have him contact me!

Second, I have to credit Sterling Allan of with scoring the interview with Andrea Rossi.  Sterling has had previous dealings with the man and Rossi trusts him.  The only reason the interview was hosted on The SmartScarecrow Show is because I have the technical ability to do it and the big alternative media outlets could not schedule it in a timely manner.  Thanks Sterling!

Third, all I can say is wow!  I think the interview went very well.  Sterling was very well prepared and Rossi, though he kept his trade secrets intact, was very forthcoming in his description of his plans for the eCat.  Having listened to just about every interview the man has given, I think this one is probably the best one I have heard.  The fact that it was broadcast live on The SmartScarecrow Show and published to the Scarecrow Labs YouTube channel is a matter of some pride.

The live broadcast was very well attended.  We had about 40 logged into the chat room and as many 285 watching live on Justin TV.  It appears that there may have been as many as 1000 watching the show from third party sites that echo the live broadcast.  I think the last time I saw numbers like that was when Ozzie Freedom of Water for Gas fame was a guest on the show.  So it was easy to get excited with so many live views.

Then the YouTube view count started coming in.  Sterling had talked me into publishing the interview right after it was aired live.  I sort of wanted to hold it back and use it as the feature presentation on the live show scheduled for January 19th 2012.  But Sterling made a good argument so it was published to all on demand locations about 2 hours after the live interview was completed.  Within 24 hours, I sort of figured out that I was going to need a new topic for the show on January 19th.  Within 48 hours total viewer count was exceeding 5000.  In just three days after publishing, total viewer count was well on its way to 10,000.  When I checked this morning, views on YouTube alone was over 10,000 and its still climbing.

hmmmm ….

Ok, so the Rossi interview was a “HIT” it seems.  I am not totally surprised as the technology Andrea Rossi is putting forward is exciting.  It could be the “game changer” many of us have hoped for.  And for all his flaws, Rossi comes off as a pretty sharp business man who knows how to put an organization together.  So he not only has an exciting technology, he also has the business skills required to get right into fray and win against competition.  The future of Andrea Rossi and his eCat could be very bright indeed.  And if he is successful, many will benefit.  And Andrea Rossi could deservedly nudge Bill Gates out of his “richest man in the world” seat.  Go get ’em Andrea !!!

But this leaves me with a dilemma.  I thought I had a really cool feature presentation to put on for the show of January 19th but at this point it looks like the on demand views have pretty much reached “market saturation”.  A rebroadcast of the interview as planned would probably bore most to tears.

Ok … think fast … hmmm …

GOT IT !!!

Let’s do a sequel !!!  Just like Arnold and Stallone !!!  yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket …

Well, not really a sequel, but a talking head review.  Rossi discussed some rather exciting news during the interview.  Just the fact that they have figured out how to get it to work without a canister of hydrogen was news worthy.  There was much to digest from the interview that required a little time to consider.

So tonight we talk about it.  Participation from the live audience is hoped for.  Would like to get opinions and ideas from as many as possible.

First, if you have not already seen the live interview, head over to YouTube and watch it –

Second, if you have an opinion or just have something you want to get off your chest, add “thesmartscarecrowshow” to your Skype contacts list.  The whole last half of the show tonight will be devoted to Skype call ins from live viewers.  Hope to give as many as we have time for an opportunity to state their case.  Hope we can discussion of the pros and the cons as all positions need to be considered.

Third, have fun … none of us are paid a dime for being involved in this stuff … we do it because we enjoy it and because we feel an obligation to give back to the society that we are a part of.  We know that individually we will not change the world.  But enough drops of water can become a tidal wave under the right conditions.  Become part of the wave.

Segment #4: Audience Q&A Session

Moderator:  SmartScarecrow
Estimated time:  10 minutes

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