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20120114 – Special live production – Sterling Allan interviews Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi has become the focus of a lot of attention recently with the announcement last year of what history may record as the first practical, commercial cold fusion device made available to a market hungry for alternative forms of energy …

Today, January 14th 2012, on a special live broadcast of The SmartScarecrow Show, Sterling Allan of will conduct an interview with Andrea Rossi … join us for this special Saturday broadcast …

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Live interview time:

2 pm Pacific – West Coast/Seatle time
3 pm Mountain – Denver time
4 pm Central – Chicago/Huston time
5 pm Eastern – New York time

10 pm London time (GMT)
11 pm Rome time

The live interview will be recorded and rebroadcast during the regularly scheduled show on Thursday, January 19th at 9pm Eastern US time and should be posted to YouTube not later than Friday January 20th.

The SmartScarecrow Show –

For additional information about Andrea Rossi and/or the eCat cold fusion device please visit these web sites …  (official site) (alternate site managed by Sterling Allan of

Questions submitted for Andrea Rossi

Question 1

Owen Charles

Is your secret catalyst a physical element or is it a  frequency/vibration/resonance emitter that will finesse/coax the process to begin?



Question 2

Lou Peguero

You have said that you are having patent issues, why not sell the e-cat secret to the public directly? 

I mean come up with a dollar amount (and be  imaginative) and once the dollar amount has been reached then you give e-cat to the world (like Salk did with the polio vaccine). 

Mr. Rossi you have the potential to change the world as we know it, and in this modern times the time for excuses is over!!

Thank You,

Lou Peguero

Question 3

Wolf Fischer

first let me thank you for conducting the interview with Rossi on next Saturday as well as giving listeners the possibility of asking questions!

If possible, I would be very happy and grateful, if you could ask Mr.
Rossi one or even more of my questions below (I have put them in the order of my personal interest):

1. Can you tell us something about the stability of the Ecats during the last year?

I ask, because (in my interpretation) it seemed as if some of the demonstrations didn’t achieve the results that you (and others) were hoping for.

Especially the test filmed by Krivit (whose negative and sometimes aggressive attitude towards you I just can’t understand) or also the 1MW plant test at the end of october seem to indicate that (earlier?) Ecats were or are more difficult to control than you might have thought..?

So, how often did the Ecat work as you wanted it to? 7 out of 10? 5 out of 10? And can you perhaps even tell us, how good it is working now because of the better controling hardware and software from National Instruments?

2. What have you learned from the last year?

Especially in terms of people, handling the public interest, coping with negative reactions from the public, etc.

3. Would you have done something differently during the last year, if you could go back to January 1st, 2011?

If so, what would this be? Again with the people, public interest, the public demonstrations, etc.

4. Where do you see yourself and your company in one / three / five yearS from now?

I wish you, Mr. Allan, and of course Mr. Rossi all the best for the future!


Wolf Fischer

Question 4

Thomas Olszewski

Dear Mr Rossi

   Congratulations on the development of the E-Cat device. Hopefully this device can be in production quickly

   The question I have for you today concerns using the E-Cat in the home environment. Heat requirements for a home can change rapidly.

What is the time that is required to start the E-Cat and how long dose it take to shut down.

If these times are long can the E-Cat be operated at a lower percentage of power and if so how low a percentage of full power will it operate at.

The reason for the question is that thermostats will have to be designed and or reprogrammed to operate the system properly without having large extremes in the house temperatures.

   Is the life of the fuel charge determined by the operating time or the total output power.

For example if operated at 50% power the fuel charge last twice as long?

   Last will the home unit be able to be refueled by the owner since where many live that could use this system there are no contractors to do this work.

For example: Is the core/heat exchanger unit to be set up with quick disconnects so it could be taken or mailed to a repair/rebuild site?

Thank you for your response

Thomas Olszewski

Question 5

Martin Tornberg

1) To what extent is it possible to raise or lower the amount of power that the E-Cat is putting out during its operation? 

For example, if it is used to provide heat, can it be set to “low” (without turning it off) on a warmer day? 

If this is possible, how long does it take to ramp up or ramp down the amount of power generated?

2) Some people have speculated that a device such as the E-Cat could be used to power transportation systems, but based on your demonstrations, it seems that it takes a fair amount of time for the E-Cat to actually get powered up and start generating power independently, and as well as to power off the device. 

This would seem to make it impractical to use for powering anything that needs to be powered up quickly and that doesn’t require at least several hours worth of power, is that correct?

3) Given that it takes time to power up an E-Cat as well as to power it down, it would seem that there is a risk that a lot of people may keep their E-cats running on full power all the time, and during those times when full power is not needed, people could just allow the excess heat to escape into the environment – out the chimney, for example, or out through the exhast pipes of a vehicle, if it is used to power vehicles. 

Isn’t there a risk that this could contribute to global warming and create risks for the environment due to all of the excess heat that is likely to be released if use of the E-Cat were to become prevalent?

Question 6

Jim Yates

You have previously mentioned that your early retail home E-Cat will produce both heat and cooling (from a steam driven heat-pump).
Is the steam motor a piston or turbine motor?  Can the heat-pump be removed to allow the power-shaft to drive other devices?

Question 7

Harry Perini

Dr Joseph Zawodny, of Nasa has filed for a patent for LENR in the United States. Why do they deny Andrea Rossi a patent as he is the rightful inventor?

Question 8


My question for Mr Andrea Rossi is a s follows:

Mr. Rossi, you have been given a Patent, in Italy, on your E-Cat — will you be manufacturing and selling the home units in Italy, as well? … and, how soon can this be expected.

Thank you for your time.

Peter DiSelva

Question 9

Hafsteinn Hafsteinsson

1.    Do you regard NASA’s version and resent statement having any relevance to the E-cat ?
2.    Ted Loder was cut short on Puja Network by the overpowering Dr. Greer when commenting on the E-cat. Are the non-profit agencies such as Orion amongst disbelievers on the E-cat ?
3.    Will the E-cat be the end of all further research in the energy field ? Is it the final and complete solution to the energy crisis ?
4.    Do you envisage other alternatives competing with the E-cat in the future ?

Hafsteinn Hafsteinsson, MSc

One response to “20120114 – Special live production – Sterling Allan interviews Andrea Rossi

  1. jwes421 2012/01/14 at 20:39

    Thank you.Some Q's from myself and my son, Shi(9)Our questions:1. Is water/fuel used in a completely self contained environment? 2.Is the reactor effected in different ways geographically? ie: Altitude, Humidity or barometric pressure?Thanks. One Hour 2go!

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