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20120112 – Wood stove veggie oil drip fuel supplementation – by Inspironator

Segment #1:  This week in free energy

Presenter:  Sterling Allan, CEO, founder of New Energy Congress
Estimated Time:  20 minutes

Segment #2:  Scarecrow’s News Rant – Most favor WAR with Iran?

Presenter:  an editorial by SmartScarecrow
Estimated time:  10 minutes

Article published by Investors.Com
Posted 01/11/2012 05:32 PM ET

Read the full article at –

As tensions with Iran escalate on several fronts, most Americans favor military force to stop Tehran from building nuclear weapons if diplomacy fails, a new IBD/TIPP poll shows.

That comes as the Obama administration claims that Iran isn’t yet building a bomb and urged the continuation of a “responsible” policy of economic pressure.

Comments from Mike Rivero of

Either this group is polling the criminally insane again, or “push polling” in just the exactly correct target demographic, to achieve the precise outcome they desire

I know a lot of thinking people on Oahu. And absolutely NONE of my friends or acquaintances think, for a millisecond, that attacking Iran is a really swell idea.

And for the fact and logic challenged, let me break this down for you just one more time.

1. Iran is a signatory to the NNPT. This means that they are allowed to use uranium with which to create nuclear energy projects, which they are doing with Russian technical help.

2. These facilities are inspected by the IAEA.

3. To date, no nuclear materials have gone missing, or unaccounted for.

4. The Iranians are enriching uranium up to 20%, which is necessary for the creation of medical isotopes.

5. You have to be enriching uranium over 95% to create a nuclear bomb, which the Iranians are not doing.

6. Israel refuses to become a member of the NNPT, and does have nuclear weapons, and refuses for their nuclear sites to be inspected.

7. Israel wants the US to attack Iran because Israel claims that Iran is an existential threat to Israel’s survival.

8. Russia and China may well enter the war on the side of Iran, should Iran be attacked; both are nuclear armed countries.

SO, to recap: we are looking engaging in a thermonuclear war with Russia and China to neutralize one of Israel’s existential threats which has no nuclear weapons program.


The Iranians haven’t started a war in 200 years, and definitely hasn’t started any wars since becoming an Islamic Republic in 1979.

Article published by Activist Post
by Charlie McGrath, Contributing Writer
January 12, 2012

Read the full article at –

War with Iran? Bank on It!

Witness the selling of war.  It’s not enough that every GOP candidate, with the exception of Ron Paul, is playing the patriotic Commander-in-Chief card, by promising that Iran’s ability to wage all-out nuclear war against the entire planet is imminent, and we got to get in there and stop them; but now the mainstream media is jumping on the “Let’s get them dirty bastards” bandwagon.

In less than 24 hours, we’ve seen the mainstream drag the usual suspects in front of the camera to scare/sell the hell out of America over Iran. 

John Bolton (former Ambassador to UN) told Fox News that we need military action soon to avoid a nuclear response from Iran (See here).  Oliver North is covering two topics at once in his interview with Newsmax, by playing the red team-blue team game, tossing the Dems under the bus for allowing a potential nuclear Iran (See here).

So we have a rogue Middle-Eastern country, who is for sure a member of the Axis of Evil, producing weapons of mass destruction and will not hesitate to use them? Hmm, sounds familiar, like as in the last decade we’ve been sending blood and treasure to the same region for the same reasons. 

Forget about the fact the CIA director, Panetta, admitted just this month that Iran was not developing a nuke (See here), or the fact that the hype over the IAEA report that some politicians are using as smoking gun to launch this next war has been proven to say no such thing (See here). 
Forget the truth, because dang it, they want to come over here and take our freedoms.  The military-industrial complex Ike warned about, along with the band of bankster brothers are running the show, and we have a never-ending bailout, just as we will have never-ending war on terror. 

It’s time to wake up and look at this mess for what it is and to see who and what is behind this next war.  Fact is that when the President signed NDAA 2012 into law on New Year’s Eve, not only did he give the Executive Branch the power to black bag Americans without the benefits of the Constitution, but the same legislation also started a campaign against the Iran central bank, leading to the tension in recent weeks in the Straits of Hormuz (See here). 

Fact is our own CIA director says they don’t have a nuke.  Fact is Iran has not invaded a country in a hundred years. Fact is in 2008 Iran warned it would stop trading its oil in dollars, giving exceptions to a few big trading partners who were sitting on large dollar reserves. But as was reported this week the exceptions are now gone, and this war has already begun; because if there is a surefire way to get attacked by the USA, it is to stop using Federal Reserve Notes.  The late Muammar Gaddafi is the latest example of someone who made that mistake (See here).  

We are being fed to yet another meat grinder, under false pretense, in order that many can suffer for the profit of a demented few.

Respond to Charlie:

Charlie McGrath is the founder of Wide Awake News, an excellent resource for analysis about the economy and world events.

Segment #3: Feature Presentation – Project presentation by Inspironator

Presenter:  SmartScarecrow and Inspironator
Estimated time:  20 minutes

Notes from Inspironator:

I’m supplementing the wood I burn in the wood burning stove using an oil drip, from vegetable oil.  I used it 2 nights ago, over 5 hours and used 0.16 gal, or about 19000 BTU.  I’ll check and see how much cord wood that equates to but I’m doing this because I’m tired of hauling, cutting, splitting and stacking wood.

The basic outline for the talk is:

The modifications

WVO as a Fuel

Clean Burning Tips

Shutting down the burn cycle

Benefits: Reduced Wood Consumption, Efficiency & Saved Labor

I could give you a better outline or even more – a script after I spend some time finalizing it tonight.

I hope we can have a lot more interaction from the crowd, so I’m not going to give too much info and do more of a “this is how I did it and here are some results”.

Segment #4: Audience Q&A Session

Moderator:  SmartScarecrow
Estimated time:  10 minutes

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