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20120107 Live interview with Andrea Rossi

On Saturday, January 14th 2012, there will be a special live broadcast of The SmartScarecrow Show.  During this broadcast, Sterling Allan of will conduct a live interview with Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the eCat cold fusion device.

The live interview will be recorded and rebroadcast as the feature presentation on the regularly scheduled SmartScarecrow Show for Thursday, January 19th, 2012.  The Thursday presentation, including the full interview with Andrea Rossi should be available for on demand viewing at YouTube and other sites not later than Friday, January 20th.

During the live broadcast of Saturday, January 14th, live audience questions and comments will be addressed as best we can.  If you have a question you would like placed in the queue, you can send them to

Live interview time:

2:00pm  Pacific – West Coast/Seatle time
3:00pm  Mountain – Denver time
4:00pm  Central – Chicago/Huston time
5:00pm  Eastern – New York time

10:00pm London time
11:00pm  Rome time

This is the link to the YouTube video announcing the live interview –

The SmartScarecrow Show –
The official ecat web site –
Sterling Allan of PESN.COM has also posted a related site at –

2 responses to “20120107 Live interview with Andrea Rossi

  1. Anonymous 2012/01/08 at 12:45

    would like to ask Rossi: what is the Expense to have the ecat installed or connected to the house, there has to be plumbing involved.

  2. Anonymous 2012/01/14 at 20:04

    Then you will get the following answer: I only sell them, for connecting and installing you will have to ask your local supplier….Are here some experts? I saw a youtube video where 1 sciencetis had access to one opened reactor. He messured a peak at 511 kEV. What elements emits light at 511 kEV? I saw Na will. Are there other elements emiting at 511 kEV. I think on that way maybe we could reverse engineer the used katalysator. Or maybe this is the biggest amouunted in history ever what I don´t hope!

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