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20111215 – Year in review – The best of 2011

Segment #1:  This week in free energy

Presenter:  Sterling Allan, CEO, founder of New Energy Congress
Estimated Time:  20 minutes

Segment #2:  Scarecrow’s News Rant – It’s now official – The United States of America is under martial law!

Presenter:  an editorial by SmartScarecrow
Estimated time:  10 minutes

How did your congress critter vote?  You should know and when the time comes, hold them accountable!

HR 1540 Recorded Vote, December 14th, 2011 at 6:58pm EST

The vote was 283 Ayes to 136 Noes with 14, including Ron Paul, Not Voting
Of the Aye votes, 190 were Republican and 93 were Democrat
Of the Noe votes, 43 were Republican and 93 were Democrat
8 Republicans and 6 Democrats were not present to vote

This bill is the joint conference committee revision of Senate Bill 1867 which contains provisions that gives every US president from now forward the discretion to have American citizens indefinitely detained without charges being filed, trial by a jury of their peers, or any due process allowed.

Obama is expected to sign this bill into law.

IF there are elections in 2012 in this country, every single Congressional representative who betrayed the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the American people, by voting “yes” for this abomination needs to be voted out of office, and handed their hat.

DHS advising suspicion of people who don’t use credit cards – 12160info

A YouTube video being distributed by DHS implies you are “weird” if you prefer to pay in cash instead of using a credit card!  Guess their bosses in the banking industry have put out the word that those merchant fees need to be protected as a matter of national security!

Dismal’ prospects: 1 in 2 Americans are now poor or low income

50% of the US population now poor?  Yup!  According to an article published by Associated Press, half the population is now poor.  Funny thing is, only a small percentage of those qualify for any sort of “safety net”.

Segment #3: Feature Presentation – Best of 2011 SmartScarecrow Show Review!

Presenter:  SmartScarecrow
Estimated time:  30 minutes

Tonight our feature presentation is about US!  Yeah, time for a little bragging.  We will see clips taken from some of the best shows put on during 2011 and discuss future plans for the show.

This will be the last show for 2011.  As we enter the holiday period, I have plans to spend time with family and friends giving thanks for our good fortune and crying on each others shoulders  about our bad.  The next scheduled live broadcast will be on January 5th, 2012.

In 2011, we produced 47 shows of which 42 are posted for on demand viewing at YouTube.  That is more than 60 hours of content.

A few interesting factoids!

According to YouTube analytics

During 2011, The SmartScarecrow Show was viewed on YouTube 133,385 times.
Of those, 93,108 watched directly from YouTube, 8,831 watched from an outside source and 31,760 watched from a mobile device.

The audience for The SmartScarecrow Show typically Male (93.9%), 45-55 years old (42.2%).

Many have made suggestions what I need to do to attract some 25-35 year old women to the audience so we have a better balance, but I just don’t look that good in a Speedo and I ain’t gonna wax my chest for anyone!  Maybe we can get Zero to do it!

Segment #4: Audience Q&A Session – Which was YOUR favorite episode?  Who do you want another presentation from?

Moderator:  SmartScarecrow
Estimated time:  10 minutes

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