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20110915 – Open Forum

Segment #1:  This week in free energy

Presenter:  Sterling Allan, CEO, founder of New Energy Congress

Estimated Time:  20 minutes

Segment #2:  Scarecrow’s News Rant – How safe is your food?

Presenter:  an editorial by SmartScarecrow

Estimated time:  20 minutes

On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, these thoughts to consider

Its time to put 9/11 behind us.  After watching the official remembrance of the event, the message from our leadership is clear.  Be afraid; be very, very afraid; only your government empowered with sweeping authority to infringe on rights that free people have assumed since the days of the Magna Carta can keep you safe!

Well, I am tired of being afraid.  I am tired of having people who could not get a job as a greeter at Wall Mart sticking their hands down my pants because I need to get from point A to point B.  I am tired of being treated like a criminal because I wrinkle my nose, bite the inside of my cheek or express justifiable annoyance at being herded like livestock through security check points.  Basically, I am tired of living in what has become a police state.

So lets set the record straight once and for all.  This short, 5 minute documentary provides the story of 9/11 clearly and completely.  We understand.  Ok.  We give up.  Anything to end this torture.  Can we please have our basic human rights and our dignity back now?

I am not interested in wasting any more of my time or energy arguing with people about who did it, how or why.  At this point, my anger is focused on the fact that my government used this event to spend the blood and treasure of my nation on wars of conquest unrelated to punishing those guilty of the crime.  They used the event to abridge rights and freedoms that previous generations gave their lives to win.  The police state that the United States has become is based on a lie.  And yeah,  you can bet, I am pissed off about it.

This video was produced by  James Corbett, blogger and publisher of The Corbett Report available at

Its an excellent presentation and I thank him for his permission to use it in my presentation.

True US History
A National Response to Two FDA Armed Raids on Rawesome
By Victor Rawls
Aug 9, 2011 – 3:19:51 AM

A National Response to Two FDA Armed Raids on Rawesome
Posted on August 8, 2011 by geobear7

Sheriff’s Office, the FDA, the Dept. of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control.

On the heels of the recent news about raw milk’s safety comes an alarmingly disturbing coordinated multi-agency raid on Rawesome Foods — a raw food buying co-op in Los Angeles. This morning’s SWAT-style raid was coordinated at both Rawesome Foods and Healthy Family Farms and has led to three arrests so far, the confiscation of personal computer equipment and raw milk cheeses, and the dumping of more than $10,000 worth of raw milk down the drain.

According to early reports from people on the scene, James Stewart (owner of Rawesome Foods), Sharon Palmer (of Healthy Family Farms), and Victoria Bloch (local L.A. co-chapter leader for the Weston A. Price foundation) have all been arrested on charges of conspiracy to sell unpasteurized milk products.


The raid was carried out by gun carrying officers of the LA County

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act
Presentation for Snack Food Association
Joseph A. Levitt, Partner
March 21, 2011


Draft Guidance for Industry: Dietary Supplements: New Dietary Ingredient Notifications and Related Issues

Back to Dietary Supplements Guidance

Contains Nonbinding Recommendations
Draft-Not for Implementation

July 2011

This guidance is being distributed for comment purposes only.

Although you can comment on any guidance at any time (see 21 CFR 10.115(g)(5)), to ensure that the agency considers your comment on this draft guidance before it begins work on the final version of the guidance, submit either electronic or written comments on the draft guidance within 90 days of publication in the Federal Register of the notice announcing the availability of the draft guidance. Submit electronic comments to Submit written comments to the Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305), Food and Drug Administration, 5630 Fishers Lane, rm. 1061, Rockville, MD 20852. All comments should be identified with the docket number listed in the notice of availability that publishes in the Federal Register.

For questions regarding this draft document contact the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) at 240-402-2375.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Food and Drug Administration
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
July 2011

FDA’s New Sneak Attack on Supplements
July 5, 2011

Just before the July 4 holiday weekend, hoping to limit media attention, the FDA dropped a bomb on dietary supplements. Don’t let them get away with it! A new Action Alert.

On July 1, the US Food and Drug Administration issued draft guidance for complying with the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification protocols contained in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). Ever since DSHEA was enacted in 1994, supplement manufacturers have had very little guidance on what counts as an NDI and when or how to send an NDI notification. The government has arbitrarily ignored or enforced this section of DSHEA, doing as it liked, without spelling out the rules.

Why does this matter? Because when you hear New Dietary Ingredient (NDI), substitute “New Supplement” in your mind. What we are dealing with here is whether the supplement industry is allowed to innovate and create new supplements—and if so, under what rules.

Fukushima – China Syndrome – The Worst Case Scenario
From Russia Today

The China Syndrome — The worst case scenario — where nuclear fuel penetrates the earth and pollutes the groundwater is happening at Fukushima.

TEPCO has acknowledged they just ‘discovered’ over 6,400 spent fuel rods in a basement beneath Fukushima which is shared by all reactors at the plant. TEPCO has confirmed a groundwater leak in the basement.

“China Syndrome” “Nuclear Meltdown” “Japan” Fukushima” “Worst Case Scenario” “Groundwater Contamination” “Nuclear” Radiation Radioactive Fallout

Newly Released TEPCO Data Proves Fairewinds Assertions of Significant Fuel Pool Failures at Fukushima Daiichi

by Fairewinds Associates

New TEPCO data measured on August 19 & 20 shows severe damage to the spent fuel in Fukushima Daiichi Units 1, 2, and 3. The adjacent TEPCO table posted on the front page shows incredibly high levels of Cesium 137 and Cesium 134 in all three spent fuel pools of Units 1, 2, & 3. This TEPCO data clearly contradicts and refutes the July assertion by the NRC the Fukushima Daiichi spent fuel pools were not damaged in this tragic accident. Crytome (cry to me) has a new high resolution photo, also uploaded, that shows the extensive damage of the Unit 3 spent fuel pool and the reactor building. Check it out.

Hot Particles From Japan to Seattle

by Fairewinds Associates

Link to Arnie Gundersen’s video explaining what has been found.

Segment #3: Feature Presentation –  No feature presenter tonight – anyone in audience got something they are working on?

Presenter:  SmartScarecrow

Estimated time:  20 minutes

Segment #4: Audience Q&A Session

Moderator:  SmartScarecrow

Estimated time:  10 minutes

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