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20110825 – Muller Motor update from ZeroFossilFuel

Segment #1:  This week in free energy

Presenter:  Sterling Allan, CEO, founder of New Energy Congress

Estimated Time:  20 minutes

Sterling Allan’s show notes are available at

Segment #2:  Scarecrow’s News Rant – Do you have a disaster plan?

Presenter:  an editorial by SmartScarecrow

Estimated time:  20 minutes

The recent Virginia earth quake, the arrival of hurricane Irene have caused me to reevaluate my own disaster plan.   Do you even have one?

Segment #3: Feature Presentation –  ZeroFossilFuel’s Muller Motor update

Presenter:  ZeroFossilFuel

Estimated time:  40 minutes

Segment #4: Audience Q&A Session

Moderator:  SmartScarecrow

Estimated time:  10 minutes

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