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20110802 – Open forum discussion – and a special event

Segment #1:  This week in free energy

Presenter:  Sterling Allan, CEO, founder of New Energy Congress
Estimated Time:  20 minutes

Sterling Allan’s show notes are available at

Segment #2:  Scarecrow’s News Rant – Faster than a RICO prosecution, SUPERCONGRESS

Presenter:  an editorial by SmartScarecrow

Estimated time:  15 minutes

Congressman warns new all-powerful committee will ram through tax hikes

by, Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Congressman Ron Paul warns that the all-powerful new “Super Congress” created by the vote on the debt ceiling will be used to fast-track tax increases while concentrating more power over the nation’s purse strings in the hands of the Washington elite.

Super Congress Will KILL Real Congress

Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano: Super Congress is Unconstitutional

Is the Super Congress constitutional ?

Segment #3:  Feature presentation – Open forum

Presenter:  SmartScarecrow

A message from Ron Hatton, The Gadgetman

I am offering a limited use, personal license for developers to use The Gadgetman Groove on their personal vehicles.
Here’s the deal. For the price of one modification ($500) you will receive a license that allows just what I said before. NOT permitted for financial gain. but to validate the technology in your own way on your own rides.
If you find that you like the process, and think you can sell it to your friends and family, then I will give you an extended license so you can make money off The Gadgetman Groove. The stipulations are simple. 1) You must report each modification in full. There is no royalty on the personal mods you do, as there will be no income. 2) Once you decide to serve your community, you MUST report each customer, as we will be supporting them, should the need arise. 3) No less than 1/2 of the money you earn doing this must be allocated to purchasing a full certification and training class.
Aron Cheek, our Gadgetman Nebraska has already done more than 20 mods, and expects to get another 20 out of one bit. This means you can earn between $8000 and $16000 without ever paying for your license.
This is a one-shot deal. You may move from this into fully certified status, but only one bit will be provided. This bit works on 80% of vehicles.
Any more questions, they can call me at 307-413-0342 anytime and we’ll talk about it.
The training DVD and bits will ship NLT Nov 1.
All orders before Sept 15th will receive their license for $350.
Gotta go! The taxi is here. Call me Gary if you need to talk.

Segment #4: Audience Q&A Session

Estimated time:  10 minutes

Segment #5:  At 10pm EST SHARP! – * SPECIAL EVENT *

On the issue of the Energetic Forum conference call.  This conference call was promoted heavily as being a discussion that was relevant to an alternative energy audience.  Based on that, I decided to participate in delivering the material to my audience.  In hindsight, I feel that I was duped into rebroadcasting an infomercial for a multilevel marketing scheme. 

I edited the recording leaving about 10 minutes of the conference call audio so folks can get a taste of what the call was about.  But this was not material I would normally have broadcast and I in no way endorse or support the product presented.

If you are interested in the full content of the Energetic Forum conference, a recording has been posted at



Just uploaded a new powerpoint video narrated powerpoint that will answer a LOT of

questions for you. Check it out:
Also, make sure to read my book – the download link is there!
Take care,

The recording link didn’t work for some – not sure why:
Paste that into a browser – should have no problems:


If you are long distance or overseas, you can use SKYPE to call in for free. Add a username: freeconferencing.7124320900
When you call it, you can then user the dial pad and enter 312760#
We’re getting started in 30 minutes exactly:
Here’s how to listen to the Special Event! Tonight at 7pm PACIFIC TIME ZONE
on August 4th, Thursday:

1. Call this number (712) 432-0900
2. Enter this access code 312760#

Make sure you have a pen and paper handy. Please mute out your phone if you have that
option and keep background noise to a minimum. At the end of the call, you will be given
a web address that will let you download the free bonus!

It is a good idea to have your friends and family over to listen to this on speaker phone –
they will be thanking you for years to come!

We’ll send this reminder out a couple more times until the call.

ESM & Energetic Forum

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