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20110324-Low cost zero energy homes

Segment 1: Scarecrow’s News Rant
Presenter: SmartScarecrow
Estimated: 10 minutes

Governments lie to their people about the safety of nuclear power generation. They have done it for years and are doing it today regarding the Fukushima reactor disaster in Japan. You can bet that the truth about how bad Fukushima really is will not be known for decades.

Don’t think the government is capable of keeping such a secret? History teaches us they have done it before. It is logical to assume that they are lying to us now and will do it again.

Segment 2: Alternative Energy News Update
Presenter: Sterling Allan, CEO, Pure Energy Systems News
Estimated: 15 minutes

Segment 3: Feature Presentation
Presenter: SmartScarecrow and Brian Carsten of OH, Inc.
Estimated: 35-45 Minutes

Let’s define sustainability as smart resource management. It improves your life.

Smart design is delivering something for little or nothing.
This is a discussion of the H.I.D.E.N. systems approach,
Holistic Integrated Design using Engineered Natural Systems.
Component Systems of H.I.D.E.N. systems are:
Life Style Considerations
Stressed Skin Panels Use
Facade Simplification
Material Utilization
Cost Optimization
Space Planning
Solar Aptitude
Seasonal Changes
Flora Consideration
Thermal Mass Inertia
Deep Earth Interactions
Heating and Cooling Days
Water Table & Bed Rock Interfaces
Air Control

Zero energy homes come without limits.

OH Inc. H.I.D.E.N. systems deliver self-heated homes at no additional cost!

OH Inc. developed the H.I.D.E.N. systems which follow smart design principles.

OH Inc. Builds self-heated homes at a low cost, and Engineers, Speaks, Designs, Consults, Constructs, Educates and trains & works with code compliance officials in regards to sustainability, alternative housing and zero energy housing.

Segment 4: Audience Q&A
Estimated: 10 minutes

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