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20110314 – Just past 1,000,000 viewers on JTV

This SmartScarecrow Show just passed a milestone.  According to the viewer counter on Justin TV, the show has now had more than 1,000,000 viewers.  This is in just the 4 months since the show was moved to Justin.TV from USTREAM.TV.  WOW.

But on the reality check side of things, it appears that a viewer need only pass through the channel and hover for a moment or two for JTV to count them as a “viewer”.  It would be a real ego blast to think that 1 million people had actually watched The SmartScarecrow Show, but the number really needs to be taken in context.  It is more likely that maybe 10% of what has been reported is actual views of the presentations.

The metrics provided by some of the “on demand” viewing sites where the recorded videos are posted are much more accurate.  In particular, the viewer counts provided by USTREAM, YouTube, Blip.TV and Vimeo seem to be very accurate.

Based on the best information we can put together, our typical audience is 85% male, 40% between the ages of 45 and 54 years old.  The typical SmartScarecrow Show gets an average of 10,000 views from all sources with Justin TV being the primary source.  A video will commonly get 800-1000 views on YouTube, 500 on Blip.TV, 250 on USTREAM and 50 on Vimeo.  Some videos do much better than this, others not quite as well.

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