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20110303 – The SmartScarecrow Show – Show Notes

Segment 1:  10 minutes

General News Item:   Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war, again.

Presenter:  SmartScarecrow

Over the past couple of days, top government officials from both the United States and the EU have been openly discussing the possibility of military intervention in Libya.

In fact, it has seemed like there has been a full court press in the mainstream media to sway public opinion toward supporting a potential invasion.

We are being told that we simply cannot stand by as Libyan civilians die.

We are being told that this would be a “humanitarian” mission.

We are being told that this would not be like Iraq or Afghanistan.

Even now, the U.S. military is moving the USS Enterprise and other warships closer to Libya in case they are “needed”.

Other nations are also sending warships into the Mediterranean and are preparing for military action.

It really does appear that authorities in the United States and Europe really are serious about potentially going into Libya.

But is there really any way that the United States can really justify getting involved in another war in the Middle East?

Will the American people ever be convinced that an invasion of Libya by the U.S. military is a good idea?

The following are 14 potential justifications for an invasion of Libya by the U.S. military that are currently being floated in the mainstream media….

#1 “We Can’t Stand Aside And Watch Gaddafi Kill His Own People”

#2 “It Would Just Be A Humanitarian Mission”

#3 “Libya Is Torturing Prisoners“

#4 “The Libyan Rebels Will Not Be Able To Take Down Kaddafi With Our Help”

#5 “U.S. Interests Are Being Threatened”

#6 “Gaddafi Is Crazy”

#7 “Gaddafi Has Weapons Of Mass Destruction“

#8 “Gaddafi Will Use Chemical Weapons If We Don’t Stop Him”

#9 “Gaddafi Has “1,000 Metric Tons Of Uranium Yellowcake“

#10 “European Energy Companies Are Deeply Invested In Libyan Oil And Gas Fields”

#11 “Millions of Dollars Worth Of Infrastructure Will Be Destroyed If We Don’t Intervene”

#12 “The Crisis In Libya Is Bad For The Global Economy”

#13 “Someone Has To Protect The Oil”

#14 “We Have Got To Go Into Libya To Keep Al-Qaeda From Getting A Foothold”



Source Article:

14 Potential Justifications For An Invasion Of Libya By The U.S. Military That Are Currently Being Floated In The Mainstream Media

Segment 2:  10-15 minutes

Alternative Energy News

Presenter:  Sterling Allan

Sterling Allan’s show notes can be reviewed at ….

Segment 3:  15 minutes


Last week’s news item was a report that there was evidence to show that the Government of the United States had signed some sort of agreement with China that the Chinese would be granted Eminent Domain within the United States to guarantee their continued purchase of US debt.  Two of the sources of this article have backed off the claims the there is hard evidence.  So I must also publish a retraction.

This doesn’t mean that the claim is untrue.  It only means that the hard proof has not been forthcoming.  The initial reports originated within the diplomatic community and included commitments that documentation would follow.  That documentation has yet to materialize.  So it is quite possible this was false information fed into the alternative new media with the intent of damaging credibility, or that the whistleblower got cold feet about providing the hard documentation.  It’s hard to say which.

But to give an example of what certain corporations and US Government agencies consider to be a fair response to leaks and alternative news presentations, consider this video clip from The Kaiser Report.

Segment 4:  20-30 minutes

Prepping with a purpose – The projects of YouTube user “ENGINEER775”

Some folks believe that there at some point in the near future be a collapse of the economic and social structures in the United States.

Based on this belief, they are preparing not just to survive, but to prosper using modern twists on some rather old technologies.

The topic of discussion for this show will be the video presentations of YouTube user Engineer775.

This fellow has published 70 videos on YouTube that described a number of technologies that will allow him and his family to live quite comfortably off the grid.

Video Clip 1:

Introduction –

Video Clip 2:
The Gasifier –

Video Clip 3:
Making fuel –

Video Clip 4:
Running truck on wood gas –

Video Clip 5:
Generating electricity on wood gas –

Segment 5:

Discussion and audience comments

If you would like to call in via Skype and discuss this topic, please add “sscshow01” to your Skype contacts

Then send an IM that you would like to participate.

Wait for me to call you.

Please MUTE your JTV audio so we do not have problems with echos.

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